Massage therapist and health-related lifeguard. Information about your training in the IWK.

Masseurs and healthcare pool attendants perform within the field of physiotherapy.

They remedy and recover their individuals with massages, medicinal baths and also other applications.

Participation requirements.

You’ll be able to take part within the news report writing instruction should you:

Have a secondary college diploma or have successfully completed at least one particular year of vocational coaching, are willing to be vaccinated and are appropriate for this job with regards to health.

We desire the following documents for the application:

Cover letter Tabular curriculum vitae with passport photo School leaving certificate Vocational qualification certificate Medical certificate of suitability for this profession.

The application expenses are to be borne by the applicant.

Variety and duration of training.

The coaching extends more than two years full-time, in accordance with the masseur and physiotherapist law (MPhG). A subsequent expert internship having a duration of six months should be started inside a single year of taking the state examination.

Content material in the instruction.

Theoretical and practical lessons.

Skilled, legal and political studies Anatomy Physiology Common pathology Special pathology Hygiene Initially aid and bandage technologies Applied physics and biomechanics Movement education Classical massage techniques Reflex zone therapy Particular types of massage therapy Electro, light and radiation therapy Hydro, balneo, thermo and inhalation therapy.


An internship having a duration of six months have to be began inside one year of taking the state examination.

Goals on the instruction.

As a masseur and health-related lifeguard, you will be an indispensable part of modern healthcare.

They may be specialists within the therapeutic and nursing care of individuals. You perform physiotherapeutic measures, i.e. Massages, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy, on sick, disabled and in desire of relaxation, but in addition on healthful consumers. The training course is often a nationwide uniformly regulated school education at vocational schools.

Exams and certificates of achievement in coaching.

The achievements are graded and shown in the certificate. All exams (oral, written, sensible) take place within the last a part of the instruction. The degree is associated with state recognition.

Financing options for you.

For participants who receive public funds (e.g. From the Federal Employment Agency, the German Federal Pension Insurance, and so on. ), the school charges will probably be charged separately.


This measure is certified.

Instruction at the following areas:

Important notice for you personally.

The entry needs and / or course charges can differ from state to state. Our staff in the respective areas is going to be pleased to provide you with details.

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